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Welcome! I'm Patsy 

First Thing's First

I've lived and worked in Minnetonka for over three decades, and I love my city. I started my family here with my husband David, and raised my two sons here (their names are Frank and Walter, I talk about them a lot...).

I absolutely love running in our amazing local parks and trail system. I've run 7 marathons and our parks are due a lot of credit.

Frontline Work

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic I worked at Methodist Hospital screening for symptoms to ensure the safety of other hospital employees and patients.

Working on the front line during the pandemic was a transformative experience. It tested my limits, both professionally and personally, but it has also reinforced my commitment to serving others. I am immensely proud to have been a part of the effort to combat the pandemic and provide care to those in need.

Political Action

I have over six years of experience driving civic engagement to build a caring economy and address societal inequality.  As a lead organizer for Faith In Minnesota, I work to co-govern with political leaders around common values.

I have worked on a variety of campaigns, taking on numerous roles, including the volunteer coordinator on Kimberly Wilburn's campaign for Minnetonka City Council.

I co-chaired a Senate District 44 forum with Representative Patty Acomb and Representative Ginny Klevorn addressing such issues as MinnesotaCare, child care assistance programs, the 100% clean energy movement.  It was a great discussion with many questions raised and ideas shared. 


I also co-chaired a District 6 and 7 Forum featuring Hennepin County Commissioner Jan Callison to address affordable housing, criminal justice and the rights of immigrants in the county. I was excited that a wide range of people came together to learn and offer points to be addressed as Hennepin County works on these issues.

I think that doing this work of engaging the community on the issues that concern them is vital to a healthy democracy. Our best plans will come about after we listen to our citizens and understand the benefits and pain points of each option.  My work is to understand the range of issues and ideas of my constituents to represent them as the Council deliberates.


Inclusive Democracy

Strong communities are built on a broad foundation that includes all citizens. For over ten years I have worked on issues of affordable housing, clean air, and building a growing economy that benefits everyone – businesses and workers, single people and families, children, seniors, and everyone in between. As your Ward 1 City Council Member I will use what I’ve learned as I work with fellow Council Members to​:


• Provide all our citizens a safe place to live and work.

• Care for our parks and trails so they may be enjoyed by all.

• Ensure people who work here have options to live here within their.              means.

• Promote the connections and sense of community so vital for people to        know they belong here.



Kirk Photo.jpg

Brian Kirk

It is my pleasure to endorse Patsy Foster-Bolton for Minnetonka City Council, Ward One.

After serving the City of Minnetonka for seven years on the Planning Commission, and what will be four years on the City Council representing Ward One, I was hoping a candidate would come forward who demonstrates a clear commitment to serve this community. I was happy to see qualities in Patsy that I would support in a candidate. She will have a fair approach to making decisions, hearing all voices (not just the loudest voices), seeing the importance of supporting development to ensure a vibrant, and inclusive community.


Bob Ellingston

Former Ward 1 City Councilmember

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